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why should we use an air purification system?

according to the us environmental protection agency (epa) studies of human exposure to air pollution indicate that indoor levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times (and occasionally more than 100 times) higher than outdoor levels which causes particular concerns as it is estimated that most people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. many pollutants in the typical home or office are at least 10 times higher than in outdoor air. modern buildings are constructed so tightly that odors and pollutants are trapped inside. our body  recognizes  the poor air quality and alerts us constantly through allergies to the fumes, dust, dander, pollen, mites and mold. additional manifestations are exhibited through fatigue, itchy eyes, throat and sinus irritations, sneezing, sleep disorders, ear infections and asthma. ultimately, our indoor environment is often an unhealthy place.

every year at least 6,000 new chemical compounds are developed. many of them are used indoor at home or work. pollutants such as mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, grease, pollen, dirt, asbestos, lead and numerous other contaminants affect our breathing and our health. then allow them to circulate in today's nearly airtight indoor environment such as your common households. no wonder our indoor air is, on average, 2 to 10 times as polluted as the worst outdoor air. we base all of our information from well researched resources such as that from the environmental protection agency.

inside your home or dwelling, about 40 pounds of dust is generated per 1,500 square feet per year. each speck of dust serves as a means of locomotion - meaning a way to get into your lungs - for about 40,000 dust mites and illness-causing bacteria, germs, and viruses. dust mites comprise over 50% of the weight of the average pillow.


simple facts


  • according to the american college of allergies, 50% of all illness is caused by indoor air pollution.
  • the environmental protection agency (epa) declares that indoor air is anywhere from 2 to 10 times more hazardous than outdoor air.
  • the epa also informs us that the number one environmental health problem in the united states is the indoor air quality.
  • many of today’s households and building are enclosed sealing air inside containing many pollution sources. as a result, natural air-cleansing agents such as ozone and negative ions are kept out, while contaminants are kept in.
  • a recent study found that the allergen level in heavy-insulated homes is 200% higher than it is in ordinary homes.
  • according to scientific america, a baby crawling on the floor inhales the proportionate amount of 4 cigarettes a day, as a result of the out-gassing of carpets, molds, mildews, fungi, dust mites, etc.
  • most people spend well over 90% of their time indoors. in which case, indoor air is going to impact our health far more than outdoor air.
  • the epa informs us that 6 out of 10 homes and buildings are "sick", meaning they are hazardous to your health to occupy as a result of airborne pollutants.

how do i get rid of these harmful pollutants?

physicians are now discovering that the solution to the problems of many of these people is not in medicine but in reducing the pollutants in the air they breathe. one of the most effective ways to remove harmful pollutants is by purchasing an air purifier.

dilution, removal and neutralization are three ways to improve indoor air quality.

dilution : bringing in outside air is the conventional solution. it is, however, often inefficient, can be costly, and not usually appropriate for odor control. if the outside air is polluted, it can make your indoor air quality worse.

removal : airborne particulates filters (for instance, hepa and activated carbon filters) physically remove contaminants from the air.

neutralization : the most effective way to neutralize air pollution is using a combination of technologies that include the ultraviolet (uv) lights, hydroxyl radicals, negative ions and ozone, the combination of which promotes the destruction of bacteria, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pollutants, including mold spores, as well as sanitizing surfaces and the air, controlling odors and reducing static electricity

surround air purifiers
xj-3000c by surround air.
this unit features 5 air purification technologies:
~  high efficiency particulate air filters (hepa) are presently the most efficient filtration device available on the market today capturing 99.97% of particles in the air. surround air is able to capture a high volume of floating dust and numerous other particles including many ionized particles that would otherwise simply settle to the ground.
~  a germicidal uv
(ultraviolet) light which are scientifically proven to destroy a large variety of microbiological contaminates, including viruses, germs, bacteria, and fungi (such as mold). uv lamps are readily used in the medical field (including hospitals) to sanitize rooms and equipments, in order to prevent the spread of illness and disease. uv light has also been recommended by the centers for disease control for this purpose.
~  an activated carbon air filter which specializes in capturing and neutralizing chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke. it is the most absorbent of all air filter types.
~ an air ionizer which will increase the effectiveness of an air filter by increasing the size of the particles drawn into the filter. negative ions produced by an ionizer cause airborne particles to magnetically clump together, forming larger particles which then are more easily captured by the filter. negative ions are also capable of circulating throughout a room removing particulate far away from where the air filter is located. surround air uses a high density needlepoint ionizer to produce a high concentration of negative ions capable of reaching particulates further away from the unit.
~  programmable ozone production which enables you to control the amount of ozone that is needed such as low amounts to maintain sanitation, moderate amounts for a faint, fresh scent in the room or high amounts for strong odors. ozone is effective at eliminating odors and destroying certain chemicals and micro-organisms. while choosing to turn off the ozone output, all the other the other air purifying functions of this unit will continue to function at full capacity.
view surroundair xj-3000c and pricing.

xj-800p car/room ionizer by surround air.
removes cigarette odor from cars. the ionization will effectively remove pollution from the roadway that enters your vehicle as well as allergens reducing allergies and other health problems that can occur while driving.
view surround air xj-800p and pricing.

airfree air sterilizers
at last, one air purifier manufacturer that offers proof of its efficiency.
airfree has independent tests assuring its outstanding efficiency in drastically reducing mold spores and airborne microorganisms. airfree also reduces toxic ozone whereas most other air purifiers generate it. see those tests by clicking here: airfree independent tests

airfree - the world’s safest and most tested air purifier

airfree it’s the best choice for airborne organic pollution. mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, pollens, organic odors, dust mites excrements are destroyed by airfree using its patented technology. airfree has been independently tested by leading laboratories and universities worldwide. 

best of all, airfree reduces toxic ozone that destroys lung tissue and triggers asthma and other respiratory allergies and diseases. 

airfree is noiseless and maintenance free.
view airfree sterilizer air purifier.

lightning air ozone ionizer air purifiers
a stat-of-the-art air purifier which generates both activated oxygen and negative ions.

activated oxygen breaks down odors and other pollutants at their source. mother nature creates activated oxygen for example, take a walk after a thunderstorm and experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air. that’s ozone, or activated oxygen, at work.
the lightning air employs a separate o3 generator to achieve this natural process.

negative ions cause dust and other particles to fall out of the air. most indoor particles that are airborne tend to be positively charged. mother nature is constantly creating negative ions to clear the air such as waterfalls, waves crashing on the beach and changes in the weather. the lightningair accomplishes this natural process by employing a special negative ion generator.

view lightningair purifier and pricing.

panasonic air purifier
a "breath of fresh air" as panasonic refers to their newest air purifier which utilizes both oxygen and negative ions. this unit features:
~  a micro dust sensor from an infrared optical system to detect tiny particles passing through the filter such as pollen, dust and smoke.
~  a high efficiency particulate air filter (hepa) which removes 99.97% of airborne particles.
~  a deodorizing filter which eliminates unpleasant odors through an activated charcoal filter.
view panasonic air purifier and pricing.


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