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your best resource for nasal irrigation, sinus irrigation, and sinus congestion relief products.

worldwide air purification news articles

air products' green technology wins rushlight carbon capture award (pr newswire via yahoo! finance)
a team led by air products and including imperial college london and doosan babcock energy ltd. were presented the rushlight carbon capture and storage award 2008 for work addressing impurity removal in carbon dioxide waste streams from coal-fired power plants.

rwanda: cashing in on the nyungwe forest factory (
nyungwe forest evokes images of lush vegetation, home to rare species of orchids and monkeys as well as a multitude of birds. yet it is so much more. amongst others, it is an air purification factory. so who is going to pay for a job well done?

prospero group enters into new agreement to become a major market player in water purification (prweb via yahoo! news)
cavitation concepts corporation becomes the exclusive distributor for next generation atmospheric water vapor and alternative energy technologies.

by barbara isaacs
herald-leader staff writer

nasal irrigation facts: a cleaning blowout.
published tuesday, april 11, 2000, in the herald-leader.

call it spring cleaning for your nose. a remedy that's gaining popularity for sinus congestion and pain is also one of the oldest: a warm saltwater rinse of the nasal passages called sinus irrigation.

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it's not a pretty visual image, but those who've gotten into the habit of rinsing their nose say it reduces their stuffiness and headaches, particularly during this allergy-prone time of the year. "it really opens my head up,'' said kim marcum, 38, a versailles day-care provider. for marcum, tilting her head to the side and rinsing warm water mixed with one-fourth teaspoon of salt into one nostril and then the other did what sinus surgery, antibiotics, decongestants and antihistamines didn't. these days, marcum rinses as needed, after working around dust and grasses, or when she feels sinus pressure coming on. rinsing and avoiding allergy triggers have reduced her problems remarkably. "it saves a lot of money and a lot of time feeling bad,'' marcum said of rinsing.

breathe-ease nasal spray and irrigation solution - 17-0102
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sinus irrigation can be done several ways. many sinus sufferers swear by using the popular grossan sinus and throat irrigator tips. a water pik special rubber attachment to shower the nasal passages with warm saltwater.

"no question about it it's a good idea,'' said dr. richard haydon, a university of kentucky ear, nose and throat specialist. "it's safe, natural, basic and old, but very effective.'' the gentle blast of warm water in the nose works the same way that a hose rinses leaves off a sidewalk. haydon added that irrigation has been long appreciated in surgery as an effective cleanser; chemicals, soap or alcohol can't beat it.

"a lot of our patients are doing it,'' said dr. bert laureano, a lexington ear, nose and throat specialist. "nose and sinus irrigation devices can be very useful, if used correctly.'' laureano said it's important to use clean water (boiled is best, cooled to a little warmer than body temperature). clean the device you're using daily, so you don't contaminate your nose with bacteria. if mixing in salt, use the kind without iodine. most people rinse once or twice daily. and if using an item like the water pik, make sure to use it on its lowest setting. you'll want to lean over a sink as you do it, and blow the nose gently after the rinse.

in cases of sinus inflammation due to allergens in the nose, the rinsing can flush out the irritants. "with so-called chronic sinusitis, it can also loosen secretions,'' laureano said. the saltwater can help reduce swelling inside the nose. laureano said some people are nervous about doing it at first, but those who try it find out it's not at all painful. "most actually enjoy the cleansing,'' he said. he added that it's best used in conjunction with traditional sinus treatments like daily nasal steroid sprays, antihistamines and decongestants.

dr. john s. hill, a lexington allergist, said sometimes people who don't want to use medications prefer the nasal rinsing methods. but he cautions that sometimes structural problems or other abnormalities are to blame for sinus pain, and that won't be helped by saltwater rinsing. "people need to be evaluated, have a good history taken and a clinical exam,'' he said.

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sleep better throughout the night.
march 27, 2000

tom petrosewicz, founder of genvac, one of the leading distributors of vacuum and environmental products, has reached an agreement in principle with creative bedding technology. genvac has acquired the exclusive u.s. distribution rights for pristine pillow covers and mattress encasements to the independent vacuum dealer. this allergen barrier product line will be available under the task master label for vac shops only. pristine is one of the first lab-tested fabrics to offer the protection of other medical bedding products with the luxury of comfort and convenience.

pristine's specially woven yarns provide an allergen barrier for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, rhinitis and respiratory problems by serving as a protective layer to allergy causing particles and dust mites, which might exist in your current bedding items. the fabrics are also permanently bonded with the protective finish aegis microbe shield. this antimicrobial treatment controls mildew, mold, odors, soiling and staining and can withstand numerous washings.

unlike their counterparts, which tend to be plastic coated, products made with pristine 100% cotton fabric and its 250-thread count is soft, quiet and "breathable" which also aids in the control of hot flashes.the fabric is also durable enough to allow for the ease of being laundered in hot water along with your other bedding items and then tumble dried on a normal or permanent press cycle. this allows you to effectively kill any dust mites that might have collected on the exterior without having to go to the expense of dry cleaning. 

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contact: tom petrosewicz

combating dust mites.
september 2, 2000

did you know that 30% of the population suffers from allergy related symptoms due to dust mites? furthermore, 80% of asthma suffers tested are susceptible to have a reaction to dust mites as well. the annoying symptoms shared by both of these groups include itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose and wheezing.

dust mites exist in the cleanest of homes. they thrive on skin scales that are shed daily by both humans and pets and can be found on items such as mattresses, pillows, carpets, and upholstered furniture. with the average american spending almost 22 hours a day indoors, the opportunity to be exposed to the allergens produced by dust mites is at a highly increased level. the effort to provide relief for sufferers of the symptoms brought on by dust mites has been made easier by the emergence of two products developed by allersearch- allerdust and allergen wash.

in my eighteen years at genvac, i have had the opportunity to be introduced to many allergy relief products. possessing the experience and qualifications to assess the value of each one, i know that i can provide a solid endorsement for the two allersearch products listed above.

all allersearch products are made from a safe non-toxic formula absent of dyes, perfumes or other irritating additives. allerdust comes in a mister and is applied directly to the allergy sufferer's feather duster or dust cloth. once applied, it binds dust particles containing all indoor allergens, including dust mites, to the duster or cloth and prevents them from becoming airborne. allergen wash allows the customer to rid themselves of dust allergens by adding it to their wash cycle at any water temperature, as opposed to having to wash their items in a hot water cycle, which with time will ruin most fabrics.

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