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Surround Air Dehumidifier Model SA-800

Surround Air Dehumidifier Model SA-800

Quiet, portable, low power consumption, and an adjustable humidistat.
* 12 Month Warranty

"The way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture.”
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Dehumidifier Product Information:
• Adjustable Humidistat allows you to specify the humidity level (RH%) you would like to achieve.
• Light-Weight and Portable making it easy to move from place to place.
• Highly Energy Efficient, making it more affordable to operate than most other dehumidifiers.
• Quiet Operation that will not disturb those in the same room.
• Washable Air Filter.
• Removes up to 34 pints of moisture per day.
• Shuts off automatically when the drip tank is full.
• Easy access to bucket for water removal with an easy grip handle.
• Hose fitting capability for continuous drainage.
• Convenient carrying handle for easy moving.
• Elegant white laminate casing to match any decor.

Adjustable Humidistat
The Surround Air Dehumidifier features a relative humidity dial (humidistat) which allows you to set the relative humidity to the desired level. The range of the dehumidifier is 40% (right side of the dial, just above Continuous) to 80% (left side of the dial, just above OFF). The middle position of the dial is about 55% to 65% RH. Place the humidistat dial in the position where you want the dehumidifier to maintain that RH level. You can also place it on the Continuous setting for continual dehumidification.

Moisture Removal
The Surround Air Dehumidifier removes up to 34 pints (16 Liters) of excess moisture in the air every day. With the sliding humidistat you can remove an exact amount of moisture from the air.

Anti-Frost Sensor
The anti-frost sensor allows the unit to shut off when frost starts to build on the compressor. Dehumidifiers without this option will eventually accumulate frost on the unit, which can lead to moisture problems on surrounding areas.

Washable / Removable Pre-Air Filter
The Surround Air Dehumidifier has a washable pre-air filter which enables the dehumidifier to clean the air while it takes the excess moisture out of it. The pre-air filter is washable so you will virtually eliminate the financial burden of costly replacement filters.

Two Water Drainage Options
Surround Air dehumidifier comes with a heavy duty plastic drip bucket (right) that will slide in and out with ease. Another drainage option available is inserting a hose and having the moisture drain directly out of the hose into a secure drainage area.

Auto Shut-Off
To prevent water spills the Model 510BE is fully equipped with a water level control system. The system's auto shut-off feature will turn the unit off automatically when the drip tank bucket is full, so you will not need to worry about the drip tank overflowing if you forget to shut the unit off.

Many people are forced to put their dehumidifier in the basement due to the noise it makes. The Surround Air dehumidifier runs at a very low noise level.
It is so quiet, my husband doesn't think it is running. I didn't think it would be that quiet.
L. Hostetter - Indiana

Low Power Consumption
The Surround Air dehumidifier will only cost pennies a day to run.

With a heavy-duty carrying handle and heavy duty casters the Surround Air dehumidifier is made to be easily moved from one room to another.

Prevent Water Damage
The SA-800 dehumidifier will prevent water damage to indoor walls, building foundations, furniture, and will even help keep your piano in tune. It will also protect stored valuables such as computers, electronics, carpets, and even papers.
I don't know what our home would be without it. We always had extreme moisture on the windows. We had replaced every window in our home and thought the problem was solved. Then the new windows had the same problem. Now with your dehumidifier, the problem is gone.
L. Hostetter - Indiana

Comparable dehumidifiers are typically priced between $219-$400 each, before shipping costs are even added.
I am very happy with your product. I wish you all the success in the world with this item because in this day and age, most products are substandard at best. It is very refreshing to find a product that is actually worth more than it's price tag.
R. Flaharty, Oregon

After only about an hour, I was amazed at how much water was removed from the air. It has been about 3 hours now and I can already notice a tremendous difference.
R. Flaharty, Oregon

Moisture Removal: Up to 34 Pints per day (16 Liters per day)
Sq. Footage: Up to 2500 sq. ft., depending on humidity level
Power Source: 110 Volt 60Hz
Power Consumption: 360 Watts
Operating Temperature: 41º F to 95º F
Adjustable Humidity Range: 40-80% RH
Washable Pre-Filter: YES
Refrigerant: R-134a
Temperature Limit: 5~35 ºC or 41-95 ºF
High/Low RH indicators: YES
Continuous Drain Option: YES (Hose not included) (11/2" inner diameter)
Dimensions: 11.8 W X 11.8 D X 23.6 H
Net Weight: 35 lbs
Drainage Bucket: YES (8.5 pints)
Power on Indicator light: YES
Power Cord: 110 Volt
Noise Level (dB): 45
Refrigerant: R-134a



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